This Trip We’re On


Life, this trip we are on, is a venture. It is through our mind’s eye, our built-in camera lens, we explore the wonders of our world and its inhabitants. But there is more than today’s moments, preserved like snapshots by our mind’s eye. There are all the tomorrows awaiting us.

Our tomorrows depend on what we do or don’t do with our todays. When we abuse the moment, exploit the offerings of our universe, we sap our tomorrows of their vitality. Thus, our challenge is, as Thoreau once said, not merely to “look” but to “see.” Seeing carries us beyond the moment – beyond the Far Horizon – to the tomorrows eagerly awaiting us. How does looking become seeing? Perhaps Marcelo Gleiser said it best in his Island of Knowledge:

“For it is our prodigious appetite for wonder that feeds our prodigious ability to probe the new. Like our ancestors, we bow to the vastness of the undertaking, to the beauty that hides in the unknown, beckoning us. It is awe that fuels us and that has fueled us from the start. Awe is the bridge between our past and our present, taking us forward into the future as we keep searching. Let us not trivialize this argument to matters of ‘we can know it all’ versus ‘we can’t know it all.’ Let us, instead, embrace the awe in our hearts and minds, embrace the impulse to learn, to discover, to shine a bit more light ahead, to push the boundaries of the Island of Knowledge forward, sideways, inwards, push them anywhere — as long as we keep pushing toward a greater understanding. Let us rage, rage against the dying light, never concede to go gentle into that good night. To keep shinning: that is what matters. This is why we are here.”

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