Our Government’s 50-Year Role in Causing Our Climate Crisis

Click on the picture below to watch the 58 minute conversation with James Gustave Speth, regarding his book, They Knew: The U.S. Federal Government’s Fifty-Year Role In Causing the Climate Crisis.

Speth served as Chair of the US Council on Environmental Quality during the Carter Administration, and as Administrator of the United Nations Development Program, Professor of Law at Vermont Law School and Dean of the Yale Law School of the Environment. He is CoFounder of the World Resources Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council, a charity I support along with Our Children’s Trust. He is an expert witness for Our Children’s Trust. This interview is presented with the permission of Our Children’s Trust. Our Children’s Trust federal climate law suit is a subject of Democracy of Dollars.

Democracy of Dollars is now available in electronic, paperback and hardcover on line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online book sellers including Apple Books.

If you’d like a signed copy of Democracy of Dollars:

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